Human Pup Play Pride Australia

Pup Pride Down Under-1Pup Pride Down Under is a special nine day event to celebrate human pup play held here in Sydney Australia in late February to early March 2016.

Over the course of those nine days we cover all aspects of human pup play, and have not just opportunities to play as a pup, but to mingle and socialise with humans into the scene as well. Each day of Pup Pride specialises in a particular aspect of human pup play & training as well, so that by the end of the week participants can rightly say they are more expert in what they do, they have tried some human pup play gear and gotten to know Pup Boss Jyan and Gpup Alpha on a personal level.

We are seeking to help pups enjoy themselves in a safe and mutually supporting environment and have an awesome week long holiday.

We welcome international and interstate visitors, and to assist them we provide billeted local accommodation (you get to stay with pups!) to help reduce the cost of travel and stay. We can’t pay your airfares, but we have a page to guide you to finding the best fares to get down under.

Guide for travel to Australia here

All our pricing is open and accountable and covers the expense of venue or materials. We as a pack make a loss in money every time we do this, but we gain in having a great time and meeting other pups, so it’s a win.

Below are links to the specific activities over the nine days. Numbers are limited for many of them, so book with us as soon as you can is what we recommend. No seriously, they are limited. The leather pup clothing workshop and pup camp especially. So message us here at Sirius Pup Australia with your name and what activities you want to attend asap.