Pup Pride Down Under Pup Camp

Pup Pride 2016 Pup Camp

Pup Pride Camp: Friday 26th Feb – Monday 29th Feb

Over three days and three nights pups will play and learn in a private sanctuary in the Royal National Park in Sydney Australia. It is the second oldest national park in the world, a huge area of land untouched and full of natural beauty. In this setting we can explore the animal roleplay aspects of pup play and develop behaviours and mores for play, whilst taking time out to swim, relax, and bushwalk.

Depending on numbers, there will be either one cabin or two for this camp, with one cabin focused on newcomers and the other cabin for advanced trained pups. All pups come together each day and night though to play and socialise and learn.

The cabins are fully furnished and powered homes deep within the national park (thank you solar energy!) and we will enjoy great privacy. The camp is catered with home cooked meals, so the price includes accommodation and food for three days and nights.